DJI Inspire 1 user claims bug in auto-takeoff function crashed his copter

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There’s a lot of hate in the youtube comments to this video. “Learn to fly” is probably one of the nicer ones. But comments aside, Mark Taylor had a bad day recently when he let his Inspire 1 take off in auto-takeoff mode.

According to him, no pilot input was given, the compass was calibrated and the issue was even observed before: His Inspire 1 just kept drifting off at auto takeoff.

While lots of youtube commenters are quick to blame Mark, we are not so sure. After all, DJI is still selling the Phantom 1 and 2 with a compass sensor mounted with magnetizable screws, which we found to be the root cause for most flyaway issues.


We discovered that simply removing the metal case completely and using double sided tape to stick the magnetometer PCB to the landing gear made position hold much more precise and completely eliminated the need to recalibrate the compass after this has been done once. A miscalibrated compass can cause a flyaway if you switch your Phantom into position hold or return home mode. To this date DJI has neither acknowledged this simple design flaw, nor have they changed the mount on new Phantom 2 copters.

For this reason, we are a bit cautious about blaming the pilot just yet. The Inspire 1 is a brand new product and contrary to what some commenters may believe, DJI is not perfect.


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