Navio+ Raspberry Pi-powered flight controller now runs APM too

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The folks at notified us that their promised port of the Arducopter APM code is now complete, turning the Navio+ board into a ready-to-use flight controller for your UAV needs.


The Navio+ is an add-on board for your Raspberry Pi with all the sensors and equipment you need for your unmanned missions: MPU9250 IMU, MS5611 barometer, uBlox M8N GPS, serial UART, I2C, PPM inputs, a ton of PWM outputs, and even triple-redundant power source, switching from servo rail to Raspi USB power to a separate power module on the fly in case of problems.

The real interesting part is that the Raspberry Pi gives you a very open and accessible linux environment aboard your vehicle, with all the usual capabilities in addition to what the Navio gives you. Want to run  a special python script or some linux program you wrote during your mission? Now you can, and it’s a heck of a lot easier to pull of than trying to write custom code for the Pixhawk. Want to add wifi to your quadcopter? Just plug in a wifi dongle.

The Navio+ is available for preorder for USD $168.- at their website, with the first units expected to ship early February.

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