Ad companies want to track you with drones for “consumer insights and targeting”

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Aren’t ads amazing? Don’t you love watching those clips on youtube, you know, the ones that come before the actual video unless you employ an adblocker?

No? Things will get worse for you then, if AdNear has their way. They plan to use drones to track wireless devices to build customer profiles. Flying over cities and other populated areas, they want to collect everything from WiFi access points to mobile phones, including their location and movement patterns. So essentially, they want to do mass surveillance without your consent.

AdNear is quick to state that, “Privacy and legal compliance are of highest importance to us. Just to keep the record straight; we only collect signals passively and do not record videos or photos.

Trouble is, that statement doesn’t mean a thing, and doesn’t change the fact that both the legality and morality of this endeavour are questionable at best. AdNear has already conducted tests, according to their own statements, and it would be interesting to know whether these tests were already observing all the applicable laws. They’re not having that discussion in their cheerful press release however.

For brands, this would mean more data points for accurate audiences and more location points for consumer insights and targeting. For us, this means a ton of fun!

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