Mysterious drone sightings over Paris

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For the second night in a row, a number of small UAVs have been sighted over Paris. Police are working to track down whoever is controlling the small unmanned aircraft that have been seen in the vicinity of the Elysee Palace, the Eiffel Tower, Place de Concorde as well as the American Embassy.

Reports indicate that the first drone was operating near the US Embassy, with at least four others popping up at the other mentioned locations. According to the police, it is as of yet unknown whether this was a coordinated action or not, as well as who is behind it.

Needless to say, after the recent terrorist attacks, French police and investigators are on high alert and are “treating this seriously”.

In other news, it’s dumb to fly your multicopter in areas where you simply should not be flying it, which in most countries includes big cities.

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