US plans mandatory registration of private multicopters

October 17, 2015 21:59 | By | 3 Comments

According to NBC News, the US Federal Government plans to enact mandatory registration of “drones”. Contrary to what you might think, they really mean privately purchased and owned Multicopters and other RC models. This registration is to be done with the US Department of Transportation, allegedly to curb incursions of such models into busy airspace.


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  1. Richard Shagam says:

    If the DOT requires all RC models (not just drones) to be registered, both the Feds and my RC buddies are going to be busy–most of my friends own at least ten models. They better not charge a fee!!!

    • fpvcentral says:

      As someone working from inside UAV and SUAS related industry, I can tell you that efforts are under way to do exactly that, both in the US and also in Europe. And yes, the cost of the registration system itself is planned to be paid by the registrees.

      Right now this is just a “proposal” however. But I would not wait for them to put this into law before I’d tell them it’s a bad idea…

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