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Hubsan H301S adds GPS auto return

Hubsan H301S adds GPS auto return

January 1, 2015 20:04 | By | 5 Comments

Spyhawk early adopters were a bit miffed to find that Hubsan had canceled the planned release of an add-on GPS module for existing Spyhawk owners, citing technical problems. Well apparently there’s no problem releasing a brand new version of the Spyhawk that has GPS auto return.

Hubsan did update the original design multiple times, for example adding an actual external antenna on the transmitter instead of the fake rubber ducky.

The new Hubsan now comes in two colors (classic white and a snazzy new black version), adds colored LEDs on the wings, and of course features GPS guidance for an auto-return function. No word on any additional GPS flight modes yet, or whether this version will have the ability to disable the built-in gyro stabilization remotely.

Hubsan H301S-4

Banggood.com has a tentative price of USD $360.- but Hubsan has not confirmed the price yet.

If you are looking to add GPS auto return to an existing model for little money, you might want to consider giving the T1000FC we reviewed some time ago a try.

Specs of the new H301S after the break.

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